Bowing Matrix

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In Stock Art: "Bowing Matrix" is available in the gallery/studio ("in stock") and is ready to ship or to be picked up locally (Gainesville, FL USA).  If you are looking for a gift for yourself or a loved one, then all of these artworks are available now and would make a wonderful and cherished addition to your home or office.

Description: ​"Bowing Matrix" is an original and visually emotive artwork by Hugo Cruz.  Materials include raw .035 aluminum (from mills with 85% recycled material), composite materials, repurposed materials and more.  The ovals were created with a custom metal stamp then hand & mechanically burnished.  The entire artwork is "bowing" (curved/warped) to enhance the overall visual aesthetic and uniqueness. 

Elements Used: Aluminum, Fused Glass, lightweight composites and re-purposed hollow core frame.  Each element was cut, metal was sheared and etched (both mechanical and hand techniques were used).

Size & Weight: ~46/5" x 21.5” x 5.5" - Weighs about 21 pounds. (a bit more when shipped).


Display & Lighting: This artwork is designed for display in an indoor environment. Because of metal's natural reflective nature, a variety of lighting sources will compliment this artwork in aesthetically pleasing ways. This piece is ready to hang as soon as received. Two independent heavy duty wires are securely attached to the back -- You can chose to hang this vertically or horizontally.

Please Note: The sample image(s) have been compressed for optimal web download and do not do full justice to viewing the artwork in person. Slight color variations may also be a factor due to color variations from monitor to monitor -- Best efforts are made to take clear photographs of each artwork for your review.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review