"Crimson Copper Blooms" (SOLD)

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Product Overview

 (A one-of-a-kind original artwork)

Flowers are bright, lively and remind us about the beauty in this world with every bloom. This vibrant abstract bloom is painted on a special COPPER overlay on Aluminum that was specially treated, burnished, etched and torched in varying areas. This adds to the multi-dimensional effect.

-hugo-cruz-torched.jpg  -hugo-cruz-burnished.jpg  -hugo-cruz-mechanically-burnished.jpg

I then painted over it with many translucent layers of my own proprietary mix of specially formulated paints & mediums, over the course of a week, until I reached the desired look.  The petals are a vibrant and translucent crimson / red multi-varied hue (hard to see in photos) and are complimented with the copper and aluminum tones below it and surrounding it.

Crimson Copper Blooms will look dynamic and different at every angle – that is the wondrous effect of my metal paintings. The vibrant crimson hue, along with the hints of natural copper illuminating through the paint add to the overall appeal.

ELEMENTS: All my artworks incorporate METAL as a focal element. Copper, Aluminum, translucent pigments, lightweight composites & a wood frame.

Size: ~39”x39” - Artwork is wired and ready to mount and display on your wall.


Please Note: The sample image(s) have been compressed for optimal web download and do not do full justice to viewing the artwork in person with its full vibrancy and emotive impact. Slight color variations may also be a factor due to color variations from monitor to monitor -- Best efforts are made to take clear photographs of each piece for your review.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review