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Infrared Art Photography

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Product Overview

Location: Gainesville, Florida USA • University of Florida 
About: The Baughman Meditation Center at the University of Florida (Gator Nation - GO GATORS!). This happens to be one of my favorite buildings in the University of Florida. Overlooking Lake Alice, the nondenominational center was built in 2000 as a venue for private meditation, weddings and events for students, faculty, alumni and friends. The 96-seat structure offers an open design with high ceilings, gothic-like-influence and a gorgeous view of Lake Alice. 
Type: Near-Infrared Art Photography:  Individual special glass filters that range from 590nm to 900nm (EM spectral wavelength) are attached to the camera's lens which allow Hugo to capture the ethereal and surreal world emergent from the near infrared spectrum.
(1) Fine Art Prints [FAP]:
Metallic Pearlescent Art Print (archival photographic paper) with unparalleled 3-D depth, tone & sharpness as compared to regular prints. This combination of professional archival printers & inks, museum quality archival paper and a process that uses a patented combination of film and laminate layers, result in a striking, 3-Dimensional, extremely vivid, lasting image on an ultra-bright pearlescent / metallic background (archival value rated at 100 years in home display and 200 years in dark storage).  Only the highest quality materials and technology is used.
(2) METAL PRINTS - Infused on Aluminum:
This is currently the highest quality, most vibrant and clear medium for fine art photography.  Art Photography's "High Definition" Display -- Those that have seen one in person will swear the clarity feels like they are looking through a window!  Fine Art Prints (above) are high quality, but they are still made of paper which is susceptible to moisture, bending, creasing, etc.  Metal Prints, on the other hand, are infused on ALUMINUM and they offer the latest and most resilient medium for photographic fine art.
Hugo Cruz exclusively uses ChromaLuxe® metal templates which offer the best/top standard in metal print quality (if it's not ChromaLuxe® then it is not the best).  How are they made?  Through an advanced chemical heat sublimation process that literally infuses inks onto ChromaLuxe® polished and coated aluminum substrates with amazing HD clarity.  They are museum quality, scratch resistant, UV resistant, waterproof, archival, lightweight, modern and no refractive glass, framing or matting necessary -- just the full art image beautifully displayed on your wall.  Your metal print will include an attached floating mount with picture wire which will give the image a modern visual look as it slightly "floats" from your wall.  These are perfect for your home, office, master bathrooms (waterproof) and even outdoor covered porches/patios.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review