IR Blue Sansevieria

Infrared Art Photography

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Location: Gainesville, Florida USA

Description: This is one of my favorite photos -- Not only because of its elegance, composition and "art deco" modern feel, but because of the surprising subject.  The photo is a close-up, near-infrared, image of a common Sansevieria Cylnidrica plant (a.k.a. Mother in Law's Tongue).

Sansevieria has many of the same characteristics as a succulent. The sword-like leaves are fleshy and the plant has thick rootstocks or rhizomes. The plant is also well known for its air purifying properties.
Print Sizes: Available in many sizes to suit your decoration needs. Please select your desired print size, quantity and "click" Add-to-Cart. You may add mutliple copies in different sizes of any one photograph to your shopping cart. There are no restrictions. The size indicates the actual image size.
Type: Near-Infrared Photography --  A wonderful aspect of near-infrared images is their inherent maleable nature.  To a certain extent, I could use my own artistic interpretation and vision to define colors, hue variations, tonality and other factors to create a captivating photo.

Please Note: The sample image(s) have been compressed for optimal web download. The original print you will receive is extremely vibrant, ultra sharp and has a much higher resolution which can only be appreciated in person.  Also, the watermark "Copyright ©" on the image will NOT appear on your order.

Museum Quality Archival Metallic Prints: I exclusively prefer the richness of the higher-quality metallic paper because of how perfectly it compliments the tones and subtleties of my infrared work. This museum quality archival paper and process uses a patented combination of film and laminate layers that result in a striking, three-dimensional, extremely vivid, lasting image on an ultra-bright pearlescent / metallic background. You don’t have to worry about prints fading with these high quality prints. The standard archival value is 100 years in home display and 200 years in dark storage. I only use professional printing services that meet my professional high standards.

Can I order my print matted and framed? Yes, I offer in-studio framing and matting services.  Please contact me for details and pricing.




(No reviews yet) Write a Review