Coquina Star - 48x16 on ACM

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Made to Order: This large 48"x16" panoramic "Coquina Star" on ACM* is available to order. Once your order is placed, please allow 2 to 3 weeks for production. You will be contacted once your brand new artwork is ready to ship OR it may be picked up locally for free (Gainesville, FL USA).


Shipping: Due to the frequent price changes by UPS/FedEx/USPS and their change to "dimensional pricing" (not based on weight) this artwork will require a second quote and payment that is based on your shipping address. We ONLY charge the actual shipping cost (packaging materials plus carrier fees); and that is why we handle the shipping charge after your item is ready to ship (so we can charge you the actual costs and not a penny more). We will contact you with an invoice for the shipping charges.


Size & Medium: 48"x16" laminated museum quality archival print adhered to rigid ACM. Has a rear floating mount with wire hanger for easy display. Perfect size behind a sofa and/or Queen/King sized beds.


Location: Palm Coast, Florida USA • Washington Oaks State Park


About: As it awaits the high tide, a lone starfish clings to the beautiful coquina rock which faces the Atlantic Ocean. This stretch of rocky shorelines with tidal pools is a perfect haven for starfish.  Washington Oaks is famous for the unique Atlantic shoreline of coquina rock formations that have formed during the Pleistocene era (12,000 - 2.5 million years ago).  The near-infrared filter exposes its unique and surreal nature.


Type: Near-Infrared Art Photography:  Individual special glass filters that range from 590nm to 950nm (EM spectral wavelength) are attached to the camera's lens which allow Hugo to capture the ethereal and surreal world emergent from the near infrared spectrum.
*What are Hugo's ACM Artworks:  Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) is a very rigid and durable substrate that is used in the commercial architectural and sign industries.  A museum quality archival print is laminated with a protective UV-resistant layer (easy to clean) and is then permanently adhered to the ACM substrate. 

The ACM process creates a modern, frameless and highly durable artwork that mimics the look and functionality of Aluminum Metal Prints.  Although Aluminum Prints are arguably more vibrant and clear, ACM artworks offer a beautiful and durable alternative that is less expensive.  With ACM, massive artworks of up to 48"x72" can also be made for much less than Aluminum Prints.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review