Pink Meadow - Aluminum on Burnished Aluminum

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In Stock Art: "Pink Meadow" Aluminum Print on a custom burnished aluminum backing is ready to ship or to be picked up locally (Gainesville, FL USA).  If you are looking for a gift for yourself or a loved one, then all of these artworks are available now and would make a wonderful and cherished addition to your home or office.


About the artwork: The near-infrared filter can expose some surreal landscapes.  This oak tree and grassy field glow in an ethereal pink hue. The wondrous characteristics of infrared truly expose the hidden magical aura of this landscape. An interesting fact about this artwork is that this is the same tree as "Emerald Meadow" (sold separately) which I photographed two years earlier. I will continue to catalog its growth as time goes on.


Size & Medium: 24"x24" total outside dimensions (Burnished aluminum backing) with a 16"x16" vibrant and waterproof Infused on Aluminum Metal Print of "Pink Meadow" that is centered & "floating" off the burnished aluminum background. Has a sturdy wire hanger for easy display.


Subject Location: Gainesville, Florida USA


Type: Near-Infrared Art Photography:  Individual special glass filters that range from 590nm to 900nm (EM spectral wavelength) are attached to the camera's lens which allow Hugo to capture the ethereal and surreal world emergent from the near infrared spectrum.
General information about Hugo's Infused on Aluminum prints:


(No reviews yet) Write a Review